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Violin repair workshop.

Instrument repair

We are experts in the repair, construction and restoration of stringed instruments such as violins, violas and cellos. Our team will restore the original aesthetics and sound of the instrument with impeccable results thanks to our repair and restoration techniques.

  • Adjustment and replacement of bridges.
  • Adjustment and soul change.
  • Gluing instruments.
  • Adjustment and change of pins.
  • Adjustment and change of capo.
  • Repair of external and internal cracks.
  • Gluing of the instruments.
  • Change of harmonic bar.
  • Handle adjustment.
  • Rectify projection.
  • Varnish retouching.
  • Cleaning and polish.
  • Bow locking
  • Silver fringed.
  • Skin change.
  • Straighten rod.
  • Breaks in head and nut.
  • Cleaning.

How to request a repair

Please fill in the following form with information such as the instrument to be repaired, the damage caused or the restoration process you want to carry out for your instrument. After receiving the information, we will send you an email with your personalized estimate and the instructions to send your instrument to our repair shop.

Keep in mind that keeping your instrument tuned is essential to prevent the quality of its sound from deteriorating over time. Maintenance is essential for stringed musical instruments.

It is essential to wax the violin bow regularly, as well as violoncellos and violas. Nor should we forget the maintenance of the bow, the condition of which will also influence the quality of the pieces you play.

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    Repair and restoration of violins, cellos and violas

    In our online store we are dedicated to the sale of stringed instruments and accessories. In addition, we are specialists in violin restoration.

    In our workshop located in Valencia (Beniparrell) we offer a repair and restoration service of violins, violas and cellos for individuals or even for professional conservatories. Our luthiers, backed by years of experience, will tune your stringed instrument, giving it back its original look and sound. We ensure the highest quality in the result.

    Our violin luthier in Valencia will take care of any kind of damage or breakage that your stringed instrument has suffered.

    Violin bow stringing

    Wondering where to enclose a violin bow? At Luthiers Clar we have a repair and restoration service to take care of your instruments. In addition, we offer a waxing and stringing service to tune the bow of your violin, cello or viola.

    These processes are extremely delicate and we do not recommend doing them on your own. It may seem a simple process but it requires experience and extreme precision and organization. Therefore, if you want to ensure a good result, it is important to have an experienced luthier.

    The waxing of bows is done with the best horsehair on the market. The manes are selected from Mongolia and are very resistant and elastic. We use silver and nickel plating, you can request either of the two options.

    Both processes consist of delicate work performed entirely by hand by our professionals. For this purpose, we disassemble the bows in pieces to replace the necessary elements and return the product in perfect condition.

    Both waxing and restringing are highly requested services in violin bow repair and restoration of violins, violas and cellos.

    Violin luthier in Valencia

    If you are interested in our services you will be able to do it in the easiest way. All you have to do is fill in the online form that you can find on our website. Once sent, we will contact you and provide you with a customized quotation that fits the needs of your instrument.

    To do so, we will ask you some questions so that our violin luthier in Valencia knows the condition of the instrument, we also advise you to attach photographs of the instrument. In addition, we will inform you of our convenient pick-up and delivery system, which will be carried out by our carrier.


    How to care for a violin to make it last as long as possible

    Over the years, at some point, you will have to take the violin in for repair. There are certain precautions to be taken into account to delay this action as much as possible. One of them is to wipe the instrument gently with a natural fiber cloth after playing. In this way, resin residues and dust are removed.

    Do not forget that the cloth must first be passed between the fingerboard and the strings. However, the instrument must be cleaned more intensively once or twice a year. For this purpose, a special cleaning and polishing product for stringed instruments must be used. This product must not come into contact with the strings.

    The bow is a part that requires special attention and sooner or later it will have to be taken to a repair shop for waxing. In any case it will depend on its use. For example, for a beginner, changing the bristles every two years will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you have a more advanced level and dedicate an hour a day to it, it is advisable to do it once a year.

    The most common symptoms of wear are poor grip, poorer sound production and overly dirty manes. As soon as you notice any of these signs, it is essential to call in an archaeologist.

    The figure of the luthier

    In fact, relying on the expertise of a professional is the most sensible option when it comes time to repair a violin. And this is where the figure of the luthier comes into play, a specialist in the maintenance and repair of violins and other musical instruments.

    Therefore, if you play the violin and you need to repair it, you should take it to a professional violin restoration shop. It is important that you have extensive experience and knowledge of arch restoration.

    Stringed instruments are designed to last for many, many years. If you think about it, violins from great makers like Stradivari are hundreds of years old and are still praised and highly valued in the market. Sometimes it is necessary a restoration performed by master luthiers. At Luthiers Clar we recommend you to go to a specialist or to violin repair companies.

    How much does it cost to repair a violin? The price may vary depending on the repair shop. As a general rule, it is between 50 and 90 euros. The price for waxing a violin bow, as a general rule, is between 50 and 90 euros.

    You can contact us by email for more information about repairing your bowed instrument. Violin violoncello, violin viola violoncello.

    We advise you without obligation

    Call us or send us an e-mail to request any kind of information about our products and services.

    +34 669 964 663

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