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With the rental, what we want is for the students to have a wide range of instruments, with affordable prices for families and very competitive qualities for learning.

Instruments renting
in a quick and easy way

At any time, you will can change to a higher range or another size. You just have to call us.

We are aware that today students begin to play at very young ages, going through various instrument sizes until they reach their final size, so that if families buy each of these instruments, they have to make a large outlay of money.

We present a rental program, in which students can enjoy a higher quality instrument, with a very affordable monthly payment for families.

Our work policy is very different. We want musicians to play with good quality instruments to educate their ears well, in return we always offer 60% of what they invested  for their future purchase.

This way, when you decide to buy, you will have 60% of everything you have accumulated during the rental.

All our instruments are adjusted and reviewed by our expert luthier in order to ensure the best sound quality . If they are not satisfied, they can return the instrument within 5 days of receiving it (always in perfect condition and with the same packaging in which it was delivered).

We have special prices both for groups of mothers and fathers who rent together, as well as for schools, academies and conservatories. Get in touch with us through our contact forms, by email or by calling us and we will inform you about the price according to the group number.

Need help?
Contact us and we will help you manage the rental of instruments.

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