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Alquiler de violonchelo

Cello rental online at Luthiers Clar

With the aquiler, our aim is to provide students with a wide range of instruments, with affordable prices for families and very competitive qualities for learning.

Rent in a fast and easy way

At any time you can switch to a higher range or change size. Just give us a call.


Why rent a stringed instrument?

We are aware that nowadays students start playing at a very early age, going through several sizes of instruments until they reach their final size, so that families have to spend a lot of money if they buy each of these instruments.

We present a rental program, in which students can enjoy a higher quality instrument, with a very affordable monthly payment for families.

Are you looking for a cello rental in Barcelona? Are you looking for a cello rental service in Madrid? Have you searched for “rent cello in Valencia”? You are in the right place.

On our website we have cellos for rent completely online, without leaving your home.


Group and school discounts


We have special prices for groups of mothers and fathers renting together, as well as for schools, academies and conservatories. Please contact us through our contact forms, by email or by phone and we will inform you about the price according to the number of the group.


If I rent, am I paying without ever owning an instrument?

Our work policy is very different. We want the musicians to play with good quality instruments to educate the ear well, in return we always offer them 60% of their investment for their future purchase.

This way, when you decide to buy, you will have 60% of everything you have accumulated during the rental period.

How is the quality of the rental instruments?

All our instruments are adjusted and checked by our expert luthier in order to ensure the best sound quality. If you are not satisfied, you may return the instrument within 5 days of receipt (always in perfect condition and in the same packaging in which it was delivered).

Instrument rental

Cello rental is a good alternative to use this classical stringed instrument without having to buy it. First of all, it will be necessary to take into account a series of parameters. Such as, for example, the musical use to be given, its size, materials and register. It should be remembered that our instrument rental service includes both the case and the bow.

For the choice of the cello it is important to know that each format is intended for users who may have different needs. From beginner students to accomplished instrumentalists. In either case, our instruments are mounted with ebony pegs and fingerboard. We always use high quality materials such as ebony.

Another aspect to consider when renting a cello online is the flexibility to dispose of this musical instrument.

On the other hand, the convenience of receiving this instrument at home or in the studio should be emphasized. After formalizing the rental we send your instrument by express courier. In a short period of time you will be able to receive the rented instrument at your doorstep. Rent by months, annual periods of 12 months or for as long as you need.

Finally, it should be noted that this service is provided on a monthly rental basis and may even include insurance. Rental fees depend on the size and characteristics of the selected chello.

Fill out the contact form to start the cello rental request. We will contact you to explain the procedure. You can rent a cello online from Valencia or from any city or town in Spain.

We advise you without obligation

Contact us and we will help you to manage the rental of instruments.

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